The Importance of Appearance

Published: 27th January 2010
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Many people think that going to lengths in order to look your best and spending money or experiencing discomfort to do so is a sign of 'vanity' that would be better avoided. Society has bread us to believe that taking pride in one's own appearance (or a partner's) is egotistical and shallow, and yet what makes appearance a less shallow trait than intelligence? They're both a simple combination of genetics and behaviour - it's really just a matter of preference and surely having both would be preferable?

But more than this, our exterior does reflect what's on the interior and even changes what's there. Moreover it's a sign that we want to make an effort for our partner and in this sense is in fact a generous thing to do.

Let's start with how it relates to us as a person. Obviously the way we look will tell people something about us and reveal how much care and attention we put into looking good. The assumption for most then is that this will also be reflected in other areas of our lifestyle. For example if you're in business and you look as though you've just got out of bed and don't have the attention to detail to keep your hair looking tidy then why would someone trust you with their business? If you're selling a service it's logical and fair to expect that customers would rather buy from someone who looks 'up together'. By looking your best you improve your chances of making deals and receiving promotions. They always say you should dress for the job you want not the job you have and the same goes for your hair and complexion.

This then means that people will treat you differently at work and in life too. If you look like you value yourself then people will assume you're worth valuing and will up their game when they're around you. Of course this change in behaviour will affect how you feel about yourself too and you will likely find you start feeling happier and more confident. Apart from anything else you will just know that you look better and will attract more attention which will lift your mood and self esteem - affecting everything from your health to how you interact with others. People even naturally like people who are better looking more and studies have shown that they smile more around attractive people, so just taking time in your appearance can affect the way the whole world treats you and feels.

And to your partner it says that you still care what they think and that you haven't gotten complacent. If you never bother with the way you look then it can feel for others that you just don't care about their opinion or how they feel - it can even make them feel a little embarrassed and means that they're less likely to do the same in return (meaning that what you wake up to will also deteriorate). If you make an effort on the other hand, for them it will mean that they can still feel proud about the person they're with and can look forwards to more intimate times together. This alone will lead to more passion in the relationship which can go as far as to prevent divorces and break ups. This isn't shallow it's just simple logic that says that even skin isn't only skin deep.

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