Sun Damage to Skin and Skin Clinics

Published: 04th April 2011
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Chances are you enjoy spending time in the sun and tanning on the beach. Most people enjoy being out in the sun at least for a little while, other people spend hours under the sun working on their tan. However if you spend several hours with your skin directly exposed to the sun, the sun will damage your skin. A tan might look nice but if you spend too much time under the sun your skin will start to wrinkle and your skin will not look as nice as it once did. So if you want to tan remember to only spend a hour or two under the sun (depending on the temperature in your country) to minimize damage to your skin. If you happen to spend too long under the sun you will acquire a sun burn which could be quite painful depending on how severe it is.

Mild sunburns are still relatively painful and you will get one if you spend too much time out in the blazing sun. Try looking at it this way; sunlight is actually radiation and if you leave your body exposed to the radiation for a long period of time your skin will be damaged. So in order to avoid sun damage to your skin you could consider bringing an umbrella to use when you go to the beach. It mainly depends on where you are currently living; if you live in the tropics the sun's rays will be more direct meaning the sun will be hotter and your skin will be damaged faster. So lets say you have been spending a bit too long out in the sun and you acquired a sun burn.

Sunburns can come in several different degrees; a first degree sunburn affects the first layer of skin on your body, a second degree burn affects the second layer, and a third degree burn affects the third layer of skin. As you can imagine a third degree burn is quite painful and it looks quite grotesque. First degree burns are not very serious; your skin will look red and it will be irritated. Which means if someone touches your back it will sting, sitting with your back against a chair can be quite unpleasant. First degree sunburns will go away with time but you should remember that a sunburn is actually your skin being damaged. In other words, your skin cannot handle the heat and it is reacting. So knowing this you should pay attention to how long you stay out in the sunlight. Sometimes you will not even notice that you have a sunburn until the next day and if you continue to stay outdoors while you have a sunburn it could develop into a third degree burn which is quite severe. If you get a third degree burn you should seek medical advice as soon as possible.

You could check in to the nearest skin clinic and chances are they will have a special ointment that will help cure your burn. So try not to spend too much time in the sunlight; a little sunlight is good for you but too much is harmful to your skin.

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